Inprint+Design (I+D) are pleased to welcome you to our website.

We have spent a lot of time listening to what people expect from a website and we think we have got our new site just right. But don’t just take our word for it, in the coming year we will be mailing, posting & tweeting more information that we think you will like which will include special offers, promotions and some great money saving deals on all your design, print & web needs.

Our website is also ‘responsive’ across all platforms, which means it looks good on any device, be it on a Mac, PC, tablet, iPad, iPhone or any other smartphone or computing device.

We hope you like it, and to make your browsing experience an easy one, we have now colour-coded our services into four sections:

Red: all things ‘Design’ related.

Orange: all things ‘Print’ related.

Purple: all things ‘Web’ related.

Green: for all things ‘Corporate’ and ‘Student Print’ related.

Thank you, and happy browsing!